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We inspire transformation for God’s glory by empowering Christian financial advisors to deliver trusted financial guidance from a biblical perspective.
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I knew I wanted to own my own firm one day and God was really speaking to me about running a 100% biblically responsible advisory practice. I had already started implementing and building BRI portfolios for clients when the opportunity came to join Inspire Advisors.

After much prayer, counsel and research the answer became very clear and obvious to me. Inspire Advisors offered everything I was looking for in my own firm, but already had all the key systems, processes and marketing in place. I just needed to jump on board and ride the BRI momentum Inspire had already started. One of the best decisions of my life and the future is glowing with opportunity.
Luke Andrews, Largo, FL

Biblically Responsible Investing with Inspire Advisors

At Inspire Advisors, we believe you should be proud of the investments you own. That means investing in quality companies from both a financial and values-based perspective.

Inspire Advisors invests in quality companies that are doing good around the world, like fighting cancer, providing clean water and operating with high ethical and moral standards, while also working toward your financial goals.

Our mission is to inspire transformation for God’s glory by empowering Christian financial advisors to deliver trusted financial guidance from a biblical perspective.

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Inspire Advisors is inspiring transformation for God’s glory by empowering Christian financial advisors to deliver trusted financial guidance from a biblical perspective.

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Why Inspire Advisors
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Faith-based Investments
Access to Inspire’s complete institutional menu of faith-based investments, with freedom to customize
Transition Assistance
Your dedicated relationship manager and transition team are here to support you every step of the way.
Compliance Support
Compliance department supporting your faith, not hindering it.
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Biblical Principles
Successfully serve Christian and non-Christian clients with quality advice based on biblical principles.
Practice Growth
Inspire knows how to grow biblically aligned advisory practices. Benefit from partnership with one of the nation’s fastest growing RIA firms.
Tech Stack
Robust technology stack and responsive home office team supporting you with excellence.
Up to 100% payouts of advisory fee.

Powerful Case Studies

Hear It From Advisors Like You

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For a number of years I felt like God was calling me to do something that was more eternally focused. I believe that you can commit your work to the Lord and He honors that, but I still didn’t want to spend my career just helping people build bigger barns on this earth where moths and rust destroy. The Bible has a lot to teach us about money and in most cases it is the exact opposite of what the ‘world’ teaches. Feeling that conviction led me to search out faith-based investment options that we could use with our clients, and that is when I found Inspire. I was so impressed with Robert’s story and how his conviction led him to take a leap of faith even when the numbers didn’t make any sense. That encouraged me that God will honor our decision to move our practice to Inspire, even when the outcome was uncertain. At Inspire, I feel like we are on a mission, a mission to help change the way that people, and especially Christians, invest their money. Most Christians have no idea that their investments don’t align with their beliefs. I believe that we can make a difference in their lives by helping them to better follow the Biblical commands that God gives us, to live righteous and holy lives, set apart, in the world but not of it.
Jacob Chandler
Waxhaw, NC
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I look back on the path I traveled and see how God was not only leading me to Inspire Advisors through a Sovereign act in 2017, but even years before that when I had done a paper that lead me to the conclusion that everything we do is an act of worship. Worship can be of ourselves or of God. I want my worship to be of Him for only He is worthy, and that includes my practice.”
Jevon Webster
Sacramento, CA
Jevon Webster Headshot
Image of Inspire Team Members Happy Ringing the New York Stock Exchange Bell

Partner with a Global Leader

Inspire Advisors is a member of the Inspire Investing family of companies, globally recognized leaders in the faith-based investing industry.
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Custodians and Technology

Curated tech solutions designed to support you and your clients
Technology Fee ($395/month): Orion Advisor platform, Orion financial planning, Inspire Insight Pro, Charles Schwab as your primary custodian (additional custodian options available including Folio Institutional and LPL), E&O insurance, social media monitoring, and complete compliance services.
Tech Stack
Orion Advisor Tech Logo
Robust financial technology including reporting, billing, trading, compliance, business intelligence, marketing, data services, financial planning and much more
Learn More
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Get access to a custom and secure email address and mailbox at inspireadvisors.com
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Office 365 Logo
One integrated solution including Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, and Office apps with advanced security options
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Secure messaging and archiving solutions for compliance requirements
Learn More
Inspire Insight Logo
Instantly screen stocks, mutual funds and ETFs for biblical values. Create compelling proposals to win new clients, save portfolios to track values alignment over time, and find biblically responsible alternatives with the Advanced Search feature.
Learn More
Charles Swab Logo
Charles Schwab is the nation’s largest publicly traded investment services firm, with around $7.7 trillion in client assets, and supports more independent advisors than any other custodian. Charles Schwab has driven countless innovations in the investment services industry designed to help individuals make the most of saving and investing, including 24/7 access to services, custodial services for independent registered investment advisors, online trading, and high security standards to safeguard client assets. Today, the company has expanded from its roots as a discount brokerage and provides a full-service investing and banking experience to clients domestically and abroad, serving 33.4 million accounts.
Additional custodian options:
LPL FinancialFolio Institutional Logo
Lead Generation 

Inspire Advisors leverages the brand power of Inspire’s ecosystem to generate qualified leads for your practice. 

Image of an example of an Inspire Advisors Microsite
Never worry about making your own website again. Get a custom, branded, and professional microsite with contact info, bio, client recourses, and lead form. 
Marketing Collateral
Utilize powerful, professional and insightful marketing materials written and designed by the Inspire team.  
Screenshot of the Inspire Advisors DashboardImage of two phones showing the lead assign program
Lead Assign
Get qualified leads sent directly to your phone from inspireadvisors.com.

Sophisticated Investment Platforms

Inspire Advisors provides access to three different investment platforms with a range of strategies and investment options that is completely customizable.
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Inspire ETF (TAMP)
  • 34 total investment options 
  • Models comprised of Inspire ETFs
  • Use turnkey models or combine models and/or Inspire ETFs to build your own allocations
100% payout for advisor, 0.35% platform fee
Inspire Select (TAMP)
  • 27 total investment options
  • Models comprised of individual stocks, plus ETFs for fixed income
  • Use turnkey models or combine models to build your own allocations
  • Freedom to use third party funds, individual stocks in combination with models
100% payout for advisor, 0.55% platform fee
Advisor Directed
  • No turnkey options
  • Advisor responsible for portfolio management and trading
  • Good solution for fringe cases where Inspire turnkey models do not apply (i.e.: managing legacy holdings, tax sensitive cases, etc.)
Payout determined by advisor’s pay grid, 0% platform fee
Chart explaining the Inspire Advisors Guided Transition Process
Our Guided Transition Process

Your dedicated onboarding team will guide you through the Inspire Advisors BEST Transition Process with a detailed ten week game plan specifically designed to maximize client retention, solve income gap, and minimize transition work.

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Firm-wide Transition Stats
Stats as of 3/31/2021
Average AUM growth
(12 months post transition)
Average payout increase
Average clients lost due
to BRI transition
(average client count: 133)
Average client retention rate

Compare Inspire Advisors with your current firm

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Current Firm
Is your current advisory firm based on based on biblical values?
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Does your current advisory firm pray for their advisors?
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Is your current advisory firm an expert in Biblically Responsible Investing?
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Does your current advisory firm have access to the largest selection of biblically responsible investments?
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Does your current advisory firm utilize leading BRI tools and technology?
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Does your current advisory firm consider both the financial and moral impact of portfolios?
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Does your current advisory firm value their advisor's convictions and make sure they are respected in all aspects of your practice?
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Does your current advisory firm proactively stand for Christian values against the agenda of Wall Street?
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