June 29, 2022

List of Companies Paying For Abortion Travel And How Pro-Life Investors Can Push Back

In response to the Supreme Court’s overturning Roe v Wade, many misguided corporations have announced that they are willing to pay thousands of dollars for employees to travel to a state where abortion is still legal.
In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling to do away with the legal toilet paper that was Roe v Wade, many misguided corporations have jumped at the virtue-signaling opportunity of a lifetime and announced that they are willing to pay thousands of dollars for employees to travel to a state where abortion is still legal in order to end the life of their pre-born child.

Pro-life investors have flooded our inbox in the few days since the SCOTUS decision asking how they can find out if they own stocks in these “abortion travel” companies through their mutual funds, 401k, or other investment accounts, and if so, how they can push back. The good news is that it is a simple task to align your investment portfolio to support life, and together pro-life investors are sending a strong message that is making waves in corporate board rooms. The bad news is that if you have never looked at your investments through this lens before, you are in for a shock.

Step 1: Find Abortion Travel Companies In Your Investment Portfolio

The first step in pushing back on abortion travel companies in your investment portfolio is to find out which ones you own. This is the hardest part, but with the free investment screening technology at, anyone can quickly identify the companies profiting from and supporting abortion in their portfolios simply by typing in the ticker symbols of their investment holdings.

Below is a list of companies that have already publicly announced their abortion travel employee “benefits.” This is a rapidly evolving topic, and our research team at Inspire will be updating this data regularly and publishing it at to empower pro-life investors with the data to align their portfolios to support life and make it uncomfortable and unpopular for companies to continue paying their employees to terminate the life of their pre-born children. If you become aware of a company that is not on this list but should be, please email us at so we can investigate and add them; we appreciate the additional eyes and ears on this important quick-moving issue.

List of Companies Paying Employees for Abortion Travel

(As of June 28, 2022. Please visit for up-to-date data.)

Accenture PLC Lyft
Adobe Mastercard
Airbnb Match Group
Alphabet (Google) Meta Platforms (Facebook)
Amalgamated Bank Microsoft
Amazon Netflix
Apple Nike
Bank of America Nordstrom
BlackRock Paramount Global
Box Inc. Salesforce
Bumble Sony Group Corporation
BuzzFeed Starbucks Corporation
Citigroup Inc. Target Corporation
CVS Health Corp. Tesla
Danone The Estee Lauder Companies
Dick's Sporting Goods The Goldman Sachs Group
DoorDash The Interpublic Group of Companies
Duolingo The Procter & Gamble Company
Expedia Group The Walt Disney Company
Intuit Urban Outfitters, Inc.
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.
Kroger Co. Wells Fargo and Company
Levi Strauss & Co. Yelp Inc.
Live Nation Entertainment Zillow Group Inc.

Step 2: Send A Message Through Shareholder Activism

Once you find out what companies in your investment portfolio are supporting abortion by paying for employees to travel for an abortion procedure, among other pro-abortion policies and donations, you should send a message (literally and figuratively) to those companies. An easy way to do this is to find the investor relations email or phone number on the corporate website and make contact. Here are some bullet points for you to consider in your message to these abortion-supporting businesses:

  • Abortion ends the life of a pre-born child and you are deeply opposed to your shareholder dollars being used to pay for such a procedure;
  • Abortion travel reimbursements are rife with tax and legal liabilities, and as a shareholder, you are concerned that the company is not acting responsibly with shareholders’ best interests in mind;
  • Abortion travel policies present a significant financial liability that may materially erode your returns as a shareholder;
  • Abortion travel policies open the door for costly abuse and fraud as companies likely will not be able to receive proof that employees actually used the money to have an abortion, rather than just a free trip to sunny California on your shareholder dime;
  • Inform the company that if they refuse to stop payments for abortion travel you will be divesting of your shares — or — if you own individual shares (rather than a mutual fund) and it is possible with that particular company, that you will be supporting a shareholder resolution to end that policy.

Step 3: Divest From Or Engage With Abortion Supporting Companies

If you own abortion-supporting companies through a mutual fund or ETF, you do not have many options other than selling that fund and buying a different one that does not invest in abortion stocks, so you need to research your options. You can find out about your pro-life investment options at, and if you want professional guidance from pro-life financial advisors specially trained and resourced to invest to support life, you can connect with our team there.

If you own individual stocks rather than funds, you also have the ability to file or join a shareholder resolution to oppose corporate abortion funding. This is a more complicated process, but if there is a resolution being filed by our team at Inspire Investing or our pro-life allies, it is exceedingly simple to support the effort with your shareholder proxy vote. To find out if there is a resolution in the works with the problem companies in your portfolio, email us at, and also be sure to sign up for our newsletter at to be informed of new resolutions and action plans you can participate in.

Pro-Life Investors Making An Impact

By God’s grace, we have seen major corporations, including Exxon, Chevron, Costco, and others, change their corporate policies in response to our engagement efforts. Working together, pro-life investors have a uniquely powerful avenue to advance the protection of life at conception.

Roe v Wade is overturned, and a goliath encumbrance has been removed from the pro-life movement. The battle to save the lives of millions of pre-born babies is in full force. Now more than ever is the time to lean into this good work and end abortion in every state forever.

Will you join us?

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